Comprehensive Feel Great Personal Benefits Steps to Enrollment

Overview:  Let’s explore the Feel Great Personal Benefits and the Feel Great Group Benefits websites, how to use them, and tips to help insure a great Member or client experience. This is a more expanded “Steps To Enrollment”  than what will be placed on the Employer website.

The entry point website is:  , and when coupled with your Feel Great membership ID will allow you to be tracked for downline and compensation purposes.

How To Use Each Site:

  1. Personal – If you have sponsored a new Feel Great member (they have an ID #), and you would like to introduce them to the health care plans, you may send them to and instruct them to go to the Personal Plan for self-education or personal enrollment into one of the health care plans.
  2. Employer – If you are introducing an Employer prospect to the health care plans, you may offer them your “replicated” website and instruct them to go to the employer selection.

NOTE 1: If you fail to enter an ID or Dealer code you cannot access the health care sites. Furthermore, your membership ID allows automated tracking for downline bonuses or compensation while visiting the Feel Great Health Benefits sites.

NOTE 2: No prospect will have any access to your personal “back office”.

NOTE 3: We do not normally sponsor health care plans in the individual market. The Feel Great Company has a special contract for its Members/Agents to obtain health care for themselves and their dependents. Use this as a prospecting tool for people already in the market for a network marketing company. This could give you the edge.

NOTE 4: Do prospect for small business Employers looking for health care for their staff. Two or more W2 employees are your target. Best market: 2-50 employees. Next best: 51-150. They either do not currently have health care for their staff (too expensive) or need to find cost-saving solutions.

NOTE 5: The ASH Catastrophic plans require licensing to sell. You may share literature, however, if questions arise, simply turn them over to the licensed experts at SB/A CoOp, and we will continue the conversation.

Steps to enroll:

  1. Personal Enrollment – Select “Enroll Now”. Enrollee must have a Feel Great membership ID#. Learn about the health care selections including; features, benefits, and provisions. This is not temporary health care. This is not health care for those between jobs. Choose product, follow prompts, and enter personal and dependent information.
  2. Employer Prospect – Share your replicated website URL with prospects and direct them to the Feel Great Group Benfits Plan (Employers) so they may obtain an instant, automated quote using the “Get A Quote” button.
    • Upon submitting a quote request Employer will receive a call within 48 hours. No obligation. No other companies will call. Member/Agent is receiving a copy of the prospect’s quote. It is important to contact your prospect within 48 hours to schedule a 3-way call to assist with enrollment.
  3. Employers begin any enrollment process or interest in pursuing a potential enrollment by joining the SB/A CoOp. Select “Employers Begin Enrollment Here” (on the website) by scrolling down to that button. Important: Employers must join the SB/A CoOp by completing the Membership Agreement and agree to pay the annual $24 membership fee ($2.00/month) in order to access the health care plans.
  4. Employers joining the SB/A CoOp, triggers the Plan Administrator to build a custom enrollment site for Employers/Employees and their dependents.
    • Employers set an enrollment period generally from 1-2 weeks.
    • Employers determine whether to use Benefit Counselors, Zoom Presentations or print materials and websites.
    • Use the Employer custom enrollment site to enroll employees and their dependents.
  5. Employers: For start dates on the 1st of the month, Employer Group enrollments must be completed by the 20th of the prior month.
    • Plan Administrator sends a “no pay” invoice with a group monthly ACH breakdown on the 21st. Employer accepts or adjusts the “list”. The monthly ACH occurs on the 27th
  6. All Enrollees: Plan Administrator sends out an automated “Email welcome” to all enrollees with access instructions for a temporary medical ID card. (Benefit and eligibility files available toward the end of the month, around the 28th). Enrollee files are assembled and permanent plastic ID cards, plus the complete welcome package will arrive by USPS mail in about 10 days.


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